Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (2024)

Ohio County, located in Kentucky, has recently gained attention for its high number of arrests and incidents. The Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests section has been particularly busy, showcasing the various individuals who have been taken into custody by law enforcement in the area. This has raised concerns among the local community and sparked discussions about the crime rates in the county.

Busted Newspaper operates as an online platform that compiles and publishes arrest information, including mugshots, from various law enforcement agencies. It functions as a repository of public records, often drawing data from police departments, sheriff’s offices, and other legal entities. The platform categorizes arrests by location, making it easy for users to search for recent incidents in specific areas, such as Ohio County, KY.

Ohio County Mugshots

Ohio County mugshots have been captured since the 1800s, following the advent of photography. In 1888, Alphonse Bertillon, a French policeman, standardized the process, making it widely adopted. These images are often compiled in a “mug book” to aid witnesses and victims in identification.

Ohio County mugshots refer to photographs taken upon a person’s arrest. They are obtained by local law enforcement entities like police departments, Sheriff’s Offices, and other agencies. Typically, mugshots capture the subject’s front (full-face view) and side (profile view). These images are archived along with the individual’s criminal history and police documentation. They serve as crucial tools for victims, witnesses, and investigators in identifying suspects.

GEARY, JEREMIAH DBusted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (1)Age: 38 years old
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 172 lbs
DOCKERY, JASON CORDEALBusted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (2)Age: 24 years old
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 145 lbs
LEE, TRACY ANNBusted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (3)Age: 52 years old
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 175 lbs
COLEMAN, ROBERT DBusted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (4)Age: 62 years old
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 184 lbs
NAPIER, BOBBY FBusted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (5)Age: 50 years old
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 130 lbs
MILLER, JAMES SBusted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (6)Age: 40 years old
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 200 lbs
BUCHMAN, STEPHANIE ANNBusted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (7)Age: 40 years old
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 180 lbs
Race: White
Sex: Female
Arrested by: KSP POST#16
Booked: 2024-04-17

When a judge issues an arrest warrant in Ohio County for various offenses and the offender fails to appear in court, these mugshots play a pivotal role in locating the individual.

Mugshots are publicly accessible records and often appear online. Informational platforms offer mugshots along with other documents such as criminal records, arrest reports, and court proceedings.

Impact on the Community

The presence of Busted Newspaper in Ohio County, KY, raises questions about its impact on the community. While some argue that such platforms promote transparency and accountability by making arrest information public, others express concerns about privacy invasion and potential stigmatization of individuals whose mugshots are featured online. The community’s perception of Busted Newspaper may vary, with opinions shaped by personal experiences and beliefs regarding the balance between public interest and individual rights.

Legal Considerations

From a legal standpoint, the publication of arrest information, including mugshots, involves complex considerations. While arrest records are generally considered public information, concerns arise regarding the use of mugshots for commercial purposes and the potential repercussions for individuals whose images are disseminated online. Legal experts often discuss the nuances of privacy laws, freedom of information, and the ethical implications of online arrest reporting platforms like Busted Newspaper.

Broader Implications

The presence of Busted Newspaper in Ohio County, KY, reflects broader trends in digital media, law enforcement transparency, and public access to information. It sparks discussions about the role of technology in shaping perceptions of crime and justice, as well as the evolving landscape of online journalism and citizen engagement. As society navigates the complexities of digital information sharing, debates continue regarding the ethical responsibilities of platforms like Busted Newspaper and their impact on individuals, communities, and the criminal justice system.

Searching for inmates in Ohio County

Ohio County inmate records are accessible public documents that are readily obtainable by anyone. These records are regulated by the Freedom of Information Act, outlining guidelines for accessing Ohio county inmate records that offer valuable information about individuals.

Booking in Ohio County

Ohio county bookings serve as a valuable resource for determining whether an unfamiliar individual has been taken into custody. Following an arrest, law enforcement officers complete documentation and detain the individual in a holding cell, thereby creating their Ohio County booking record. These records typically contain details such as fingerprints, photographs, physical descriptors, personal information including name and address, the arresting officer’s name, crime specifics, location of the incident, and details about any vehicles implicated. Access to someone’s Ohio county booking records is available to the public without requiring prior authorization.


What is Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests?

Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests is a publication that provides information on recent arrests made in Ohio County, Kentucky. The newspaper compiles data from local law enforcement agencies and publishes it for public viewing. This resource is commonly used by residents, journalists, and legal professionals to stay informed about criminal activity in the area.

How often is Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests updated?

Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests is typically updated on a daily basis. The publication aims to provide the most up-to-date information on arrests made in the county. This frequent updating ensures that readers have access to the latest news regarding criminal activity in the area. It is recommended to check the newspaper regularly for new updates and information.

Can I access Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests online?

Yes, Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests is available online for easy access. The publication has a website where readers can view the latest arrest information, search for specific individuals, and browse through past issues. The online platform provides a convenient way to stay informed about arrests in Ohio County, Kentucky, from any location with internet access.

Is the information in Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests accurate?

Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests strives to maintain accuracy in its reporting of arrest information. The publication gathers data from reliable sources such as local law enforcement agencies to ensure the information provided is correct and up-to-date. However, it is important to note that errors can occasionally occur, and readers are encouraged to verify any information they find in the newspaper with official sources.

How can I submit a tip or information to Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests?

If you have a tip or information about a recent arrest in Ohio County, Kentucky, you can contact Busted Newspaper directly through their website or the contact information provided. The publication welcomes tips from the community to help keep their reporting accurate and comprehensive. By sharing relevant information, you can contribute to the newspaper’s mission of providing timely and reliable arrest news to the public.

Busted Newspaper Ohio County KY Arrests (2024)
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