Unordinary - AzazelXeriphia - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)

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  • unOrdinary (Webcomic)
  • Midoriya Izuku/Yanagi Reiko
  • Midoriya Hisashi/Midoriya Inko
  • Asui Tsuyu/Uraraka Ochako
  • Midoriya Izuku
  • Midoriya Inko
  • Midoriya Hisashi
  • Class 1-A (My Hero Academia)
  • Yagi Toshinori | All Might
  • Sensei | All For One
  • Asui Tsuyu
  • Uraraka Ochako
  • Yanagi Reiko




So essentially midoriya hisashi is a long time descendant of all for one, and is quirkless. He is married to midoriya inko. Izuku gets the ability to see auras comes from her weak telekinesis and the ability to mess with quirks comes from his father, making his late blooming quirk, quirk manipulation, essentially he can force his aura to mimic other people's aura. He can mimic after five people at the same time using them all on top of each other at will, which is why he's such a late bloomer, how to start he just thought he could see auras, but now how well his life plan out.

Chapter 1: Quirk: aura manipulation

Chapter Text

Not everyone is born equal this is what midoriya Izuku learned at the age of five. His doctor said that he would be a late blooming child according to him. it's rare for this to happen, but considering that the only thing he can do right now is see people's aura without it actually doing anything else he can't really register it as anything. since no one would believe him anyways, not that he said that last part out loud. Needless to say after that appointment they got a new doctor, unironically even though he was much gentler he said essentially that he would be a late bloomer, and to come back when they had more information about what he can do. Izuku told his best friend Kaachan that his quirk would be powerful, which is why it hasn't come in. To nobody is surprised Kacchan does not in fact believe him and calls him a quirkless loser, and ostracizes Izuku.
One day once Izuku reached the age of 8, Izuku once again steps between Kacchan and a victim of his abuse, "p-ple-ase, k-kacchan st-stop o-o-or I'll.... I'll stop you!" Izuku exclaims with foe confidence standing against him. "*Laughs* or what?! What's a quirkless loser like you gonna do?! You're worthless, just like your worthless father!!!" Bakago Kacchan katsuki says in his bomberainian way. As soon as Izuku hears Ka- no Bakugo say that about his kind-hearted dad something snaps inside him and his eyes glow, suddenly mini-explosions start firecrackering from his palms as her rushes in, for you see in this universe Izuku is the one who wins.... But he doesn't feel good about it, and swears on that day he will train his quirk..... WAIT HIS QUIRK!!!! As soon as he realizes he has one and the other boy runs off he dashes home with good news.
Obviously once he tells them how his quirk hey man he was swiftly grounded for 3 days, as well as Inko calling Bakugos mom, mitsuki and tells her the news both about Izuku getting his quirk and how needless to say Mitsuki laughs when she hears what happens that's what was grounding her son for a week for bullying those weaker than him. And it is this story, this starting line, that Izuku starts his road to become a hero.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2


Izuku Midoriya Quirk: aura manipulation. The ability to manipulate his six stats based on a quirk of the one/s he copies. I.E: Explosion 4 strength 3 speed 2 technique 2 trick 1 flexibility 1 durability giving it a "quirk power" of 3.2 at first manifest. However Izukus ability draws out it's max potential making that 3.2 into an 8 with training in his ability.

Chapter Text

Now after Izuku figures out exactly how his quirk works he starts training it by copying his mom's quirk [attraction of small objects] and learns 2 things. One his version is both more powerful and more versatile, and two he can copy more than one quirk at a time. Now that he has practice with his quirk, his mom knowing how that school is inflating Katsukis ego no longer wants him going to that school, luckily for her another school is relatively close so they transfer him to that one. Before he starts up school he goes up to his father why he knows is a very talented fighter and knows that he himself wants to be a hero asks "Papa, can you teach me how to fight?" Obviously that question takes him aback at first, buy he soon answers "for my little hero? Anything." And starts training him in basic martial arts of multiple styles.

His first day back into a new school is a new class goes well, he even makes a new friend who they introduce themselves as Reiko Yanagi, after failing to say hey name he huffs and declares"Rei-chan and I will be new best friends". After she stops blushing furiously she nods and accepts getting adopted by this friendly sunshine.

Years later and he still doesn't know what made her so red that day, though he thinks it may be a secondary quirk like his seemingly endless tear ducts.


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Unordinary - AzazelXeriphia - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)
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